Transportation companies combat drugs abuse

What should transportation companies do?


In the media reports, drugs abuse problems of the public transportation drivers (bus, minibus,etc) and private transportation drivers engaged in transporting personnel and students has unsettled parents and corporate firms. In this case, even though the authorities state their plans to put the necessary measures in place, drugs abuse problem requires a multidisciplinary approach where auto control mechanisms and demands must be established between the service provider and customer.


combating drug of abuse


What should transportation companies do?
The legislation established in the sector of public transportation is that the employees of the sector should not have alcohol and drugs abuse, and that the transportation service companies should be allowed to conduct business after initally receiving the psychotecnical report from the centers authorized by the Provincial Health Directorate in the beginning and required to receive continual reports in the following years by the psychiatrists (specialist doctor).

The service company must request the above mentioned health reports from the driver who will be hired or the contracted driver of the fleet. However, since these reports may be insufficient to identify alcohol and drugs abuse as they are only introduced into the workplace in the beginning of hiring period or at certian periods during the year, companies should form policies to combat alcohol and drugs abuse within the context of their occupational safety and health programs and human resources processes, by implementing internal monitoring mechanisms to provide transportation services in the highest security conditions.

The internal auditing service may be able to carry out some tests on employees for the use of alcohol and drugs, or may be able to receive services from specialized laboratories in this regard. drugs testing is not an analysis that can be decided on a case-by-case basis for many reasons. In this regard, obtaining services from institutions that are experienced in clinical and analytical terms is a necessity for the most effective solution.


What should customers who receive transportation service do?
When entering into contracts with the service providers, the employer must apply for occupational health and safety programs and human resources policies in combating alcohol and drugs abuse before contracting. In particular, they should examine in detail how they manage their processes for alcohol and drugs abuse within the context of occupational health and safety.

Our company provides consultancy services for establishing and implementing of policies to combat alcohol and drugs abuse for occupational health and safety at work, as well as national and international legislation in the supply of detection tests for substances that are addictive in various biological samples (urine, saliva, offers solutions according to standards. Please contact us for detailed information and corporate consultancy enquiries.

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